Enhanced Social Media Sharing (stable album and track URL links)

Do that with Spotify, since odds are high that the recipient will have a Spotify account and it will work great on their phone, which is where they will listen to your recommendation, anyway.

I am now keeping dual playlists on Roon and Spotify (for sharing with my family & friends, as well as for listening in my car).

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Welcome! I’m almost 6 months on Roon, a veteran in this world of ever-faster redundancy. My hypothesis is that Roon approaches UX with only a limited number of personas in mind. And social sharing personas isn’t one of them. The original Roon team are all heavyweights from the high end audiophile industry I think. I find it interesting that this forum probably hosts people using systems of $5000 or less, all the way up to $100k+

And we in this forum probably represent over 20-30 personas? What a nightmare for UX/UI design coping with us lot! haha

But I do agree with you that Roon needs to see how to evolve further its design system to solve many of the design challenges posted by many users in this forum.

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Not for Qobuz though?

Oh you’re right! I stand corrected - not quite “whatever service” then. Hadn’t noticed as I’m in Australia, so 90% of my friends are on Spotify, and the remainder on YouTube or Tidal.

This should be possible. I’ve always thought that Roon’s “share” feature would be too embarrassing to use - just wouldn’t be taken seriously. It really does nothing. Sharing within Roon would be ideal.

Sharing outside of Roon would have to be streaming service specific.

I’m not sure that sharing IN Roon would be all that smooth. People use different services which are all region restricted. And, how do you share stuff in your library that has no equivalents in the streaming world.

If you want to get an idea of how it could be done, then install the DJ extension and join us on the Roon Discord channel. You will begin to appreciate the hidden potholes that crop up in discussing this stuff. Rugby's Lunchtime Discord Album Show

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I could see potential for problems, at least with a translation of metadata approach. But OTOH, if you share a picture of an album with someone that doesn’t have access to the album they get nothing anyway (and that happens often). So not being able to share something absolutely universally is not a baseline specification to start with.
Anyway, I still would like the feature. Best to think about solutions rather than problems, but I respect making stuff like this happen always seems easier than it really is.

I get Apple music links from my mate, I don’t have anything Apple, I’ve told him and he doesn’t understand.


But what if you just: right click > Share via > Tidal; Qobuz, etc?
It does an API check with services it connects to and generates the link, the user chooses the one they know their recipient is on.

But I have to say, I do get how much of an uphill battle Roon has with this question I asked. It really is a tricky one! But you know, sharing an image?!

If anyone at Roon UX is reading this thread, hit me up! I do this kind of stuff all day. Happy to troubleshoot/consult :wink:

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We both might have Qobuz, but, a track available to me might still not be available to you. It’s all about the licensing.

Not to mention, that Roon might not even have the rights to do so. Roon’s contract’s with both of those services might preclude the sharing of direct links or even meta-data from the services. (speculation as I have no direct knowledge).

First point: I don’t think this is a blocker. It’s a global issue on Spotify, YouTube etc.

Second point: the product team have replied in this topic so I wonder what the situ is, maybe they can say. But from a commercial perspective I can’t imagine it being limited. I literally signed up to Tidal just so I could get better audio quality and they have Roon to thank for that. Sharing is good for everyone.

Not that I can see - the Roon Labs staff have the Roon logo as their avatars - that’s how you can distinguish them from the rest of us ordinary users in the community. And even though the Roon Labs team do read and note every Feature Request (including this one), they hardly ever comment directly on a Feature Request…

Ah you are right, sorry, it was a direct message. Newbie :wink:

I think this is being presented as more difficult than it should really be. For identified albums, Roon can show different versions. That means it “knows” what the album is, across Tidal, Qobuz, and your local library. Same for artists that have metadata and are clearly recognized by Roon in some manner.

All that is necessary is to leverage this same capability to share from one Roon user to another. Whatever defines artist identities or album versions can be used to present the recipient of the “share link” with the user’s local versions.

Sure, that doesn’t work for albums Roon hasn’t identified or artists without metadata; but this would be a VAST improvement over sharing a picture, which is just sort of, embarrassing, as a feature.

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I realise this has been asked before but I’ve not seen any further discusion about this potential feature. The idea is that you can share an album/track with a link to a fellow Roon friend (of which I have a few) via Whatsapp. The “image” option now works okay but it’s a hassle to have to type the artist/album in Roon to be able to listen to it. This feature is pretty well standard in other music apps (Tidal, Spotify) so hopefully this will be implemented in Roon soon?

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Yes please add this features for ease of sharing

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Fully agree. The “simple” approach would be a process where 1) Roon creates a link which contains the same information as currently is now on the image. Then 2) on the receiving end, this link feeds the Roon search function and then 3) it’s up to the Roon search function to find a suitable match in the users library or music streaming subscription as it’s doing right now already. Then 4) the end user selects the song from the search result list and presto!

i always shared links to the music i was listening too from TIDAL
to WhatsApp (cloud be any platform) and could very easily send and receive
and then just click on the link and audio starts playing.
i really miss that function in ROON.
just not as easy or fun to share, i just don’t take the trouble to type in all
info that gets sent to me … nor do my friends :roll_eyes:

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It would be useful if I could share the Tidal link for a song/album/artist. Integration with a service like Song Link would be next level awesome!


I need this as well. If i want to share an album i found on tidal i dont want to open the tidal desktop app. Its slow and annoying. Please add this feature.