Enhanced Social Media Sharing (stable album and track URL links)

The current Share feature does many things to share outside of Roon: you get an image, you can Share Rating, Genre, Artist, Album Title even Album Review and Credits but you cannot share a simple link so that another Roon user can just click on it and listen to the track or album.

It seems to me that the most obvious feature was just forgotten: a Roon user sharing music with a Roon user.

All music services like Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify can do this. I know that Roon is not a streaming service, but sharing just a track or an album should be possible without the recipient typing it in the search box again.

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One of the joys of Roon is discovering new music. As a music lover I also like to share findings with others on social media. The social sharing features are very rudimentary and really only allow you to share an image.

It would be great if Roon could not only generate the image but have it link to the album or track from the source streaming provider (Tidal or Qobuz) If it’s content from your local library then don’t generate a link and just have the image.

This helps save another manual lookup from the image at least for online content.

Thanks for the consideration.


It could be a bit better than that: include a link to a metadata source, if available, for instance https://www.allmusic.com/album/mw0003409718 for Lionel Loueke’s latest album (very good!)

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Is there any plan to implement actual sharing? Is there an expected release date for this feature?
Frankly every time I think I pay what I pay for this software and it doesn’t have this basic feature it seems a bit of joke.

By the way I’m a software - web - developer, and no it would not be difficult to implement. Just make a link with enough metadata to fallback to the best match in a user library or show up a pre filled search if nothing is found on any service. It’s a two months job.

Incredible, Roon updates today to version 1.8 and there is not a single improvement for sharing. Not even a “copy to clipboard” in plain text to share with friends on chats.

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This has driven me crazy for years, Paolo. My goodness!

While I totally share this frustration someone pointed out that on the album screens this might well be a contractual obligation to the metadata suppliers. That seems quite possible.

Yes, it is. However, here’s a sharing scheme that I believe would be acceptable to metadata providers.

  1. Each identified album has some (Rovi, Musicbrainz, Tidal, …) ID (with corresponding URL), sometimes multiple ones.
  2. Sharing offers the ability to copy that (those) IDs for sharing.
  3. Roon knows how to map IDs back to the receiving user’s library or to an external source (the one for the corresponding URL).

No album cover text or imagery are copied in this scheme.

I could see how that might work. Resolution services like this appear in the library world a bit funnily enough.

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I know, I’ve worked on resolution algorithms myself, not for libraries but for data & knowledge bases. Roon has such an algorithm internally for album identification. They have all the info needed, that’s why I suggested this.

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This drives me crazy too. In the qobuz app, you can just right click share and it links the exact URL and store album URL to clipboard which you can paste to your friends.

Why not integrate with Roon or Tidal natural sharing? It seems so silly to copy a picture to a free URL service and share that… Is this on the roadmap to share integrated/native to their services that we use like Roon or Tidal?

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How do I share an album with a friend through my email while listening.
I click on the three horizontal dots, click share, title of album is there and I click next but there is nothing that allows me to send album via email.
There is Twitter
FB and share to desktop.
Thanks for help

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It would probably be a good idea to post this as a feature request. In the meanwhile, ‘share to desktop’ and use that image in your email.

It’s not possible, I have over your topic to #roon:feature-requests, let’s see how much traction it gains.


Thanks Dave…it’s weird a friend tells me that he has the ability to do this…going through the same process I mentioned but besides seeing Twitter and FB there is VIA which allows him to use his contacts
Just wanted to clarify.
Thanks for your suggestion,

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Are you trying to do this on an iOS device? I think you will have to use a mail app that gets recognised by Apple. Something like Gmail or so. This app will then get mentioned in the list of possibilities.

I am using a MAC MINI…
As suggested I saved album to desktop and I am able to share via email/text.
I just delete album from desktop after sharing

This is an option on the iPhone (probably iPad too), but not on the Mac version.

Roon hosted page / feature to allow users to share recommendations (albums / tracks) with friends

Inspired by this post

I wondered if Roon could create a hosted webpage (ie. share.roon.com/34554) that listed the album/track along with a list of links to open it in each the major streaming platforms as a way to allow Roon users to share recommendations with friends using other streaming platforms.

All the major streaming services have APIs to perform track/album lookups against by name and the results could easily be cached on the Roon servers if desired.

You could then simply share that public, Roon hosted page with your friends.

Free advertising for Roon too if the page containing the links was branded :slight_smile:

Apologies for the crude mockup, but basically something like this hosted on share.room.com (or a similar public facing domain).

The APIs needed to achieve this level of integration — namely a best guess, based on a search of the Album title and Artist — are available for all the major streaming services.

(admitted this might not deal with specific versions, but as the adage goes ‘perfection is the enemy of progress’. Better to start somewhere and solve the primary use case for 99% of users)

Functionally similar to this SongWhip page mentioned further up in the thread.