Enhancing Artist Appearances metadata

Would it be possible to enhance Artist Appearances and metadata so that when selecting an album an artist has appeared on the songs they’ve participated in are listed? At present you’re simply taken to the album and left to Google to figure out which tracks they’re part of.

I like this idea, going to move this to feature requests.

Have you tried visiting an artist’s page and clicking View All Tracks? I think that might be the list you’re looking for, but note it only shows main performances, so a track will be included if the performer is credited as “Featured Artist” or “Primary Artist” but not if they’re credited as “Background Vocals” “Drums” or “Producer”.

I think you’re right that we could be doing more here.

@mike, I haven’t as it’s not how I’d typically approach browsing through my library- but now that I know it’s there I’ll go have a look at it, thanks. If I’m not listening to specific albums I have a tendency to listen to an artist band then explore other things a band member has been involved in e.g. I like Neal Schon’s guitar work so I used allmusic years ago to identify and buy everything I could get my hands on where he’s contributed guitar work. I’d ideally like to be able to browse to those albums and see which tracks he’s played on.

@mike, the graphic I included in Some insights from what Roon finds in our music libraries would also be a great, alternative way of showing who’s worked with who.

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