Enough already - Own It!

Please tell me when will Team Roon own up to the fact many of the constant problems and complains about the slowness of Roon have to do the slowness of the various non-Roon online resources that Roon is co-dependent upon.

Let me explain.

I am constantly adding new music to my music library. Sometimes Roon adds the new item with super fast blazing speed and other times (like right now!) Roon is super slow, so slow that calling it slow is an insult to slow.

It’s not my computer (aka Roon core) since I have a super fast way over built Windows 10 computer. And it’s not Roon, because as I stated earlier, there are times when Roon is super fast.

So it has to be the other online resources that Roon depends on.

I don’t really have a problem with this occasional slowness but I do have a BIG problem with Team Roon not owning up to real reasons behind these slow downs.

As I said in the topic title - OWN IT!

P.S. I made a copy of this post so if it is deleted I will just keep on reposting it until I am banned.

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Hi Ralph,

I really, really disagree with you here.

I don’t see how Roon publicly laying blame on companies/people/products that they have business relationships with will benefit them in any way.

We all want someone to blame don’t we but laying blame really doesn’t achieve the results you are looking for. Better that they quietly work with them to make things better.


But they have already acknowledged…


Sort of cutting off your nose to spite your face isn’t it? Throwing a hissy fit like that will never get you what you want. Ask any five year old.


If your hypothesis is true, how come people who experienced slow downs after updating to v1.6 but had not experienced such performance problems with v1.5 (and were not now using Qobuz which indeed might have introduced performance issues) operating with the same sources? Also Roon blaming any/everybody else without proof positive would be daft.

It is also possible that the changes made to Search with 1.6 produced some unintended consequences, but whatever it is I am confident the Roon team are on it and all will eventually be well.

Yes issues on the external Internet will have an impact, but the internet has matured and is now reliably faster and more efficient, and hopefully any such issues will be infrequent and short lived.

Maybe it could be hardware related. I have a Nucleus and am constantly perplexed at complaints made about slowness of key features within Roon. I have never had any issues and it’s one of the reasons I went down the path of Roon’s own hardware to begin with.