Enriched metadata missing for specific artist

Bryan Adams. I know it’s not the most ‘audiophile’ artist, still I have lots of his music. However roon gives me no enriched metadata for this artist. No biography, no album reviews and I had to rescan most of the albums because roon didn’t recognize them automatically. Now he is no ‘obscure’ artist, so how come roon not have this information? Is it due to label restrictions or something?

doesn’t help but… found this: https://rateyourmusic.com/board_message?message_id=4827788


Ok, that clarifies (a bit). But now it also seems to me that roon relies completely on allmusic. There are other databases out there right? And maybe roon could use web.archive.org for artists like Bryan Adams?

Roon does not use AllMusic’s database: both Roon and AllMusic are using Rovi’s
plus Roon already integrates Rovi with other sources

Yeah, the request has been put in to allow for manual entry of artist bio and album review. Who knows if Roon will implement but I am hoping. In my case, I do have a lot of obscure artists.

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