Entire database lost

I have a 2TB SSD running ROCK on an I5 NUC. Decided to keep all the music files on that drive by copying them directly to the exposed Data/Storage folder.
But I have lost the entire contents twice now (in the first week or so of use). Today was after a power outage.

When I brought back up Roon on my Windows 10, and the ROCK Core no files were present. /Data/Storage completely empty.

Not sure if it’s pertinent but the previous RAATServer_log finishes ominously with :
[raatmanager] can’t start device without a config
[jsonserver]…{“status”: “DeviceInitFailed”}
[jsonserver]…read: eof
[jsonserver]…destroying client

Need logs?

Reed use this @support in the future for quicker contact to Roon team.

Is that holding the database, or is it for media? You need separate drives.

What exactly are you seeing in this folder?

Hi Mike: Thanks for getting back to me.

I had only the one 2TB SSD drive in the NUC.
I missed that bolded bit you pointed out about the SSD not being able to contain both database and music.

That loss cost me two weeks of LP digitizing. (Assuming the missing files are truly irrecoverable). Oh well, lesson learned. RTFM