Entire library missing - rescan without error

I’m new to Roon and recently linked to my music library on a QNAP. Everything went well and as expected for two weeks. Yesterday I launched Roon and it is only showing music from Tidal, no songs from my library appear. I rescaned the QNAP library and it showed all songs imported to Roon and no errors, but I can’t see the songs.

Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this? I read this information https://kb.roonlabs.com/FAQ:_Some_of_my_files_aren’t_showing_up_in_Roon but it doesn’t appear I have any of the listed issues.

I can’t help with this problem, except to say that when it gets straightened out you need to backup Roon’s library on a regular basis.

I’m moving this post to the support category. @support will want to know more info about your setup.

Hello @Ken_Wilkins,

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Can you please share a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Storage tab?

What kind of Core are you using, is the Roon Core on the QNAP or another PC? Can you please use this thread as a guide to provide more setup details?

I found out last night my QNAP files have been encrypted by ransomware attack and that is why they are not showing up in Roon.

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Damn. Condolences.

Thanks. It was my own dumb fault. The QNAP had been setup by installers a couple years ago to work with a Naim ripper and feed my system on the 3rd floor. I recently got a nearfield DragonFire system for my desk and started using Roon for the first time. I didn’t know the QNAP password and the installer couldn’t find it either so I did a reset on the QNAP so I could access those music files through Roon and forgot to setup a new QNAP password. Yuk.

Hi @Ken_Wilkins,

Sorry to hear that you were impacted by the ransomware attack. If you are unable to access these files on the QNAP itself, then Roon won’t be able to either, I would suggest reaching out to QNAP, perhaps they can suggest some next steps on how to re-gain access to the files?

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