Entire Music Library has Vanished

Newly set-up NUC Rock Server (i5, 8th gen) with 1TB SSD for storage.

Network Details:
Rock server is hard wired to my ethernet switch. I have an Arris cable modem/router combination.

Audio Devices:
Nothing yet. I planned to see how it would work with my NAD M50.2 and it was recognized and enabled last night. I also enabled HDMI on the NUC itself but did not yet connect an HDMI cable.

Description Of Issue:
I copied my entire music library to the 1TB storage SSD yesterday using my Windows laptop. It took about 6 hours but all was good and I had Roon completely set up, except playlists were not showing up. I could see my entire library in Roon and in file explorer on my Windows laptop. I turned off the NUC server last night (and completely removed from power) and restarted it this morning. This time I opened Roon on my Android tablet and Roon started on the set up process all over again, starting with selecting my core. It asked me to add music and this is when I discovered my entire Music folder was gone. It still showed the “storage” folder, so Roon does appear to recognize the 1TB SSD in the NUC. I opened my laptop and checked the Rock server folder and I see the same thing… the “storage” folder exists but it is completely empty. I hope I don’t have to copy all my music again. This is not a good start for Roon.

Any screen shot of the core web GUI?

I don’t have it hooked up to a display right now but will do so later today. I did just disassemble the board and checked all the connections and everything looks good. I have it installed in an Akasa case. Everything is new, so it is possible that the SSD or other hardware is defective. I also verified in Windows that it is showing full storage capacity for the combined M.2 drive and storage SSD.

I just realized what you meant by GUI. Here it is:

Is it possible that Roon formatted my SSD a second time, after I completed the set up ? I definitely did not do it myself.

Also, what is the shut down procedure for a Rock server. Do I need to shut down the server in the GUI or Roon app first before powering it off ? I don’t think I did a server shut down before powering off the NUC last night.

Most people leave them running 24/7/365 AFAIK. I’ve had my Nucleus for a year and never shut it down, just rebooted a few times.

Odd that it shows the server software as having been running for over 4,000 days… :thinking:
So far as shutting down goes, I usually simply click on the red power icon top right, and select ‘power off’. I don’t touch anything else.


This is what you did -

  1. Using the ROCK Web interface, you formatted your drive.
  2. Using a Windows PC, you did a network copy from somewhere to your newly installed ROCK SSD.

In that order, is that right?

Yes, in that order. I then went to the Roon app on Windows and selected the folder with the music files and Roon took about 15+ minutes to index the library. It was all there and I spent some time searching through the Roon library and also making some settings changes.
It is really strange. The only thing I can think of that I did wrong was manually shutting down the NUC instead of shutting down the server with the web gui.
I plan to copy just a few music files over tonight and see what it looks like tomorrow.

Make sure you didn’t somehow change the Roon “watched” folder by mistake. Looking at your screen shot, it doesn’t look like you made that mistake.

So I copied over one artist folder (Abba) and dropped it into the ROCK’s “storage” folder. There is an “InternalStorage” folder under the “Storage” folder. I’m wondering what is the purpose of this folder ? I think it is set as a “watched” folder by default.

The path to music on my ROCK is: \\ROCK\Data\Storage\InternalStorage
I believe that is the default path.

Thanks for confirming. Could it be that the “InternalStorage” folder is the only folder that points to the SSD ? I copied the full library to the “Storage” folder yesterday… was I copying to the M.2 drive ? There would have been enough capacity but my M.2 drive shows less than 10 gb used currently.

If you cut and paste my path into your file explorer what do you see?
Alternatively, do you see ROCK listed under Network?

edit: BTW, if you did write it to the M2 drive it will get erased. It can only be used for the OS and database.

That is your internal storage drive. The one you want.

Just point to that in Settings==>Storage. It should be there by default.

I believe the “Storage\InternalStorage” path showed up after formatting my SSD. It is empty for me. Yesterday, I simply copied all my music files from an existing server to the “Storage” folder of my ROCK server using Windows file explorer. I agree that I should have copied to the lower level “InternalStorage” folder. It does look like Roon is designed to work with that folder by default… but it is still puzzling as to what happened with all the music files I copied over. I could see the files in the “Storage” folder using Windows file explorer and I even spent some time editing my playlists (also in the “Storage” folder) because Roon was not recognizing them.

I just ask to ensure you will be in the correct folder when/if you move music again. That path you have up above doesn’t look anything like mine.
Maybe ‘Storage’ is actually on the M2 drive (which will get erased). I don’t know about that.
But if you are in Internal storage now you’ll be fine.

I think it is the same. I just renamed ROCK as “Roon ROCK”. So… ROCK/Data/Storage/InternalStorage.

I do agree that just using the “Storage” folder appears to be a dead end but it did work briefly for me.
The Roon knowledgebase does not do a very good job explaining the ROCK folder structure.

Well, to be fair, it does state:

In this share is a folder called Storage, and inside that are all your drives (USB or internal storage) connected to the ROCK machine.

So your internal drive is the one called Internal Storage…

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Hi @Sean_Ash,

You’ll need to put all of your files in the InternalStorage folder. The base Storage folder is not persistent and anything placed there will not remain after a reboot.

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