Environmental impact of Roon

So I’m musing that currently I have an Intel NUC with ROCK running 24/7 along with a QNAP NAS that contains the music.

What (if anything) do others do to mitigate this use of energy on our fragile planet?


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I installed solar panels and drive a PHEV.
Plenty of free electricity to power my NUC, endpoints, DACs and amps. :sunglasses:

Solar PV since 2010.

I walk or cycle to the shops, rather than drive.

If it helps, recognize what your system is actually consuming:

The Nucs consume 5 to 13 watts at idle. My Synology NAS hibernates when it’s not being used, so the power draw there is tiny. For perspective, if you were running a decent laptop for 4 hours a day, that’s about as much power as your NUC will consume in about two days at idle.