Eq Setting for Sonos Play:5 2nd Gen (2x), Bass and Sub to improve Sound?

Sonos Playbase, Sonos Bass and 2x Play:5 (2nd gen)

Hi! I am looking for a good eq-setting for the above mentioned Sonos setting. Since Roon has a capable equalizer, there should be some potential to improve the Sonos. Overall, I find the Sonos sound quality with above mentioned system incredibly unsatisfying given this price point. It works nicely (including Roon’s great way to handle it) and takes up litte space, that’s the good part. But the sound is boomy and piercing at the same time. I run the system for music in full modus, with treble notched down a bit.

Are there any experienced eq-er’s out there who generated some setting for above mentioned system? I am afraid I do not know enough about eq-ing, and would appreciate your advice.

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