EQ settings for HD 800

I was wondering how many of you guys were using parametric EQ for HD 800 inside Roon. I have Sonarworks as well with HD 800, but since that’s not supported, I figured I’ask what settings people are using and how well they’ve worked. Thanks.


I vave the 800S, so my setup is a little different.
The 800 is of course no bass monster, but a little increase in the lower frequency sounds nicer to me.

So I tweaked the bass a little bit and reduced the gain to prevent clipping.

Thanks, will try out some today.

I tried to recreate the Sonarworks correction at 100% that I use with Sonarworks. Will try to fine tune it as needed. This was on the first pass.

If there was Sonarworks integration built into Roon, that’d be perfect. Are there any plans out there for this?

Interesting! I’ve heard good things about Sonarworks, and am certainly not surprised by the first 4 settings.

However, I am a bit surprised to the see the 3 frequencies at 11k, 14k, and 18k. I was under the impression this range was not recommended for eq.

That said, it’s easy to try, and I’ll give it a shot!

In the picture, you will notice that I have the 18k turned off. It’s remained that way. Although, I haven’t spent any serious time with it ON. I only added it along with others in the first rough pass-through.

Another thing to note is that Roon’s EQ is minimum phase, whereas Sonarworks gives the option for minimum, mixed, and linear.

Thanks for pointing that out. I had missed the 18k off setting!

Are yours stock HD800’s? Or do you have any mods? Mine has the SD mod, so I suspect it needs a smaller notch at 6k.

I’m using stock HD 800 with no mods.