EQ Settings on iOS remote app

Is there a way to tweak the EQ settings on the go on the iOS remote app please? I see that one can choose between settings made via the computer, but is there a way, for example, to bring up the parametric EQ settings?

Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger, but the short answer is: NO.

Roon’s reasoning seems to be related to the limited screen size on mobiles and smaller tablets.
Many users would love Roon to abandon that divide.

@Marin_Weigel – Thank you for confirming this. I agree that creative UI design ways can be found to address this, and let’s hope they implement it in the future.

I have full access to them on my iPad so the answer isn’t exactly no.

The truth is in the fine details, so that’s why I wrote:


How small I wonder?
I have full access on iPad mini4…
That’s pretty dinky but you get landscape mode so that helps.

No go on my Motorola droid phone so it’s not platform it’s sheer size of form factor.