Equalizer on Volumio / Dietpi

Has anyone tried to use the Volumio or Dietpi Equaliser plugin alongside Roon?

I am running Spotify and Airplay alongside Roon on a few Allo devices (Digi One and Boss Day) and some EQ is necessary due to my terrible room acoustics. I have installed Roon alongside Volumio and it works great. Same with Dietpi of course. If I try to install and activate the native Equalizer plugin on either Volumio or Dietpi… Roon stops working.

Has anyone tried this at all? Any feedback would be very appreciated.


Why not use the DSP Parametric Equaliser functions in Roon?

Roon DSP is fantastic and I do use it with great result but I also use Spotify and airplay (via share port) on the Allo digi. It is for these cases that I need the EQ outside of what Roon offers.