Equalizers-I can finally forget about them(sometimes)

I am really not wishing to start a Voldemort war again.

When using both Roon and HQ I have had to use the EQ’s which I’d really rather not. It wouldn’t be so bad if they had one option that was just like knobs for bass and treble.

However, quite be accident I was listening to a record (Avi Kaplan) and I thought how good it sounded and even John commented upon how clear the dousnd was. So I found out shy, and continued playing other music the same way and all of them played much better. I can’tf believe that albums I have owned since 1974 are giving me b acking vocals and instruments I have not heard before.

So what was my discovery. The albums were being being played by Tidal usinf Voldemort. Sorry.

My major point, for us, is that we no longer to need to fiddle with the EQ’s to reduce bass and get the treble right. Playing the way we are works really well. playing as is.
of course the majority of our music hasn’t been corrupoted by Voldemort.