there was a wrong identification of Dave A. Stewart (Eurythmics) with another Dave Stewart

it has been “worked” by the staff, but not solved. in fact i now have this:

but that’s completely wrong.

  1. in the albums by e. costello, j. surman and m. nyman… the Dave Stewart should be the trombonist David Stewart of the link above.
  2. in the album by m. faithfull it should be Dave A. Stewart (Eurythmics)
  3. in the Eurythmics album (in the production section) it should be … Dave A. Stewart
  4. in the e. clapton albums… actually i don’t know…

finally, in my eurythmics albums i have:

but the link “dave stewart” gets to the wrong one at the beginning of the post. while in the composer section (see first track) i have 2 dave stewarts, the first one is wrong, the 2nd one is the correct one.

Hey @Niccolo_Terzi,

This edit was only made a couple days ago, and per Joel’s post, this can take a little bit of time to reflect in your database.


I’d definitely give it a week or so and then update us here if there is no change and we can take a closer look.


i’ve read the post by @joel.
the point is that the situation HAS CHANGED, so i assume that the edit is now reflected in the library. but the error is still there, even though it is now different…

Item 1 of joel’s post:

Edits are not immediate:
Where we’ve made an edit, the effects should propagate to your libraries within a week.
Where source metadata changes are necessary, these may take up to an additional week longer depending on the metadata provider and the nature of the edit(s). i.e. up to two weeks for the whole process.

The edits that have been recently made may take up to two weeks to have effect. Reports of continuing issues after that time will be helpful.

@Niccolo_Terzi I did a quick sanity check. The trombone credit for your Michael Nyman The Cook, the Thief… album is now correct in the Roon Cloud; it’s almost certain that the metadata for that (and for your other albums) has not yet been pulled into your library.

To clarify the process:

  1. We make an edit which goes “live” within two days (we are working to reduce this time).

  2. Once live, this edit is available for anything not already in your library. i.e. new additions or TIDAL browsing (if relevant).

  3. The Roon Core requests latest metadata for artists and albums on a rotational basis; typically, each entity in your library will be updated once a week, but exactly when depends on your specific library. The worst-case scenario is where your library updates the metadata for an artist or album just before the edit goes live; in this situation, it’s going to be the best part of a full week before it re-checks and pulls the new metadata.

it has been solved

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