Eric Burdon - Happy 80th Birthday

Yesterday, May 11, was Eric Burton’s 80th Birthday. Belated Happy Birthday, Eric!

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Eric Burdon?

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Lead singer of The Animals, and War

Burdon not Burton

I know it’s Burdon. I’m 70, and with Dupuytren’s disease, neuromyopathy and arthritis, my typing is getting worse and worse. SORRY ERIC!! You really should see some spellings my hands come up with. On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t. (I try to proofread everything, but with bad eyesight, not everything is caught.)

My sympathies. I have edited the title for you.


Sorry to hear of your woes.

Thanks for highlighting the special occasion. I am now marking it by enjoying The Animals for the first time in many years.

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Happy 71 to Stevie Wonder too

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IMO, Eric Burdon, a very underappreciated artist. The Animals and WAR were just the start of his music career. Many praiseworthy solo efforts even into the last decade.

Heck, they ain’t woes. They’re reminders that I’m still alive after almost getting killed numerous times, dating back to almost drowning back about 1953 or 1954. I consider myself one of the luckiest guys in the world!!

Like “'Til Your River Runs DrY” from 2013. Great album for a then 72 y/o man.