Eric Reed (Piano) vs. Eric Reed (Horn)

The Piano player (and composer), not the horn player, is the correct Eric Reed on this album:


Thanks for the report, @Tony_Casey — We are looking into this.

Hi @Tony_Casey,

Unless I’m misunderstanding, it looks like the correct Eric Reed is showing up for me currently. Are you still seeing the incorrect Eric Reed? The screenshot you shared above is the correct Eric Reed, right?

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for looking into this. The above Eric Reed is the right one. The album is on Qobuz. I have the CD and I have just checked my rip and Qobuz. They both now have the correct Eric Reed. On Saturday I was getting a mix of the correct Eric Reed and another Horn player Eric Reed. Eric Reed has both Piano and Composer credits on this album so it was all a bit of a mess but it seems ok now. Any idea why that would be? I saw him live on Friday. I’d say it was a long time since he looked like the pic above but I wouldn’t change it :stuck_out_tongue:

FWIW, this is the wrong Eric Reed. There isn’t much bio but on his appearances he gets French Horn credits:

Hi @Tony_Casey,

Most likely there was information added by one of our metadata providers that cleared up the Eric Reed credit so we were then able to correctly. We are always getting new data from our metadata sources, so especially for (relatively) new releases like this, new and better information can often be added after the initial data is received. It can take a week or so from the time the data is added by our providers to update in your library, so this new information was likely added sometime in the last week and it’s now showing properly.

Thanks. All’s well that ends well.