Erratic behaviour Pioneer SC-LX88 USB DAC [Resolved]

Hi @support,

Very happy user here.
Just can’t get Roon Server (linux) to work properly with the build-in usb-dac of my Pioneer SC-LX88 AV receiver.

NUC i3 (WYK34010)
Latest Roon Server for linux
Ubuntu 15.10
SC-LX88 is directly connected to NUC, via USB (obviously…)

Erratic behaviour: after the Pio is powered on I sometimes get proper playback, and sometimes I just get pops, crackles, static noise or deformed output.
Rebooting either NUC and/or Pio sometimes solves the problem, sometimes not.
Problem occurs randomly with al formats the Pio is supposed to support, up to native DSD 64.

ALSA/driver issue?
What will help?


Hi @Pieter_Houwers ------ Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the troubles here.

May I kindly ask you to please provide screenshots of your audio settings?


Hi Eric, sure:

When everything is working out wel (like now :- ) you’ll see this:

Feeding a DSD file to the DAC:

On the recieving side:

But most of the time…no sound

Thanx in advance

Hi @Pieter_Houwers ----- Thank you for the follow up and sharing the requested screenshots with me. Both are very appreciated :sunglasses:

Before we gather some logs, I would like to ask you for some additional information in regard to this behavior you have been noticing to see if we can isolate some variables, which maybe having influence on this problem.

  1. Has this always been an issue or is this something that has manifested itself recently? If this is indeed a recent occurrence, can you think of any changes that have been made to your setup?

  2. Can you verify if you have noticed this behavior with any other DACs using this configuration?

  3. As mentioned in your latest post, you do find at times that things are stable and the desired playback is achievable. Are you noticing any patterns or behaviors that could be affecting this?



Problem solved, using a Cambridge Audio CXR200 now :slight_smile:
Some HDMI issues though, I’ll open a new thread.


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