Erratic behaviour with Focus

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Description of Issue

Focus function shows an erratic behaviour on the Mac. iPhone is OK (have not seen the same issue there). Sometimes Focus sees all the relevant metadata to select from but most of the time it appears like the database is not maintained. For example (see screenshot): there are no values to select from for format, sample rate, genre (the later one not shown in the screenshot).

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any idea how to go around this?

thanks in advance

Hrm, I’ve never seen this before. Is it always broken or only sometimes? Are you able to provide steps to reproduce the issue?

Hello and thanks for the response.

It does not always occur! That’s the problem, it’s not entirely reproducible

Hrmm ok, thanks for letting me know! If you do happen to notice a pattern or can figure out reproduction steps, let me know and we’ll have another look. :slight_smile:

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