Erratic Connection in Evening

It’s gotten to be pretty predictable that my Roon/Tidal streaming goes out or becomes unstable in the early evening – 7pm or so. Typically, the track will stop, then skip to the next track which will play for about 4 to 10 seconds and skip to the next track, and so on. An error message comes up: “Tidal: This track is not currently available from Tidal.” Download speed tests at 60-70 Mbps. Ethernet connection.

Any Ideas?


Have you logged out of Tidal, and relogged in. Close Tidal and Roon, and do a restart of both programs.

Yes, I’ve quit and restarted Roon. It doesn’t help. ( Tidal is embedded in Roon, so I assume I’m restarting Tidal as well at the same time, no?)

I wonder if it could be due to my Xfinity service bottlenecking at a peak time (7pm), despite my good download speed?

If you can, use your Phones WiFi and switch over to it. That’s how I caught TWC throttling my service and degrading video streaming.

That was a fun call when I presented them with all the data.

I had similar issue happen to me a week or so ago. A relog on both fixed mine. Tidal was reactivated from my imac, as was Roon. Full log out on Tidal.

May or may not be the solution, but its a place to start…

I’m suspicious that Comcast is throttling because it starts around 7pm, when peak
evening uses ramps up. Though my speed tests are fine, I just read that ISP’s can
mask the throttling by actually prioritizing known speed tests sites. I don’t have any
verification that they actually do this-- just something I read on the internet!!

I’ve read that a VPN can be a solution.


Mark, Can you go into more detail? Isn’t your phone on the same wifi?
What data did you get from your phone? Thanks

I don’t think this is ISP related there are so many people across different regions having the same issues with tidal, there are about 4 threads on here covering this. Personally I think it’s tidal itself struggling to meet demands. I’m in the UK and get issues at any time of the day and my ISP doesnt throttle streaming or downloads at all.

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Good to have confirmation from others. Also why I suggested hot spotting the cell phone if it’s capable of it and using it to test.

I get 20Mbps on my phone. In my case it was indeed TWC (I used to work at one of their NOC’s so I know the game). You would use your phone as a WAP (Wireless Access Point).

You would obviously try it directly through Tidal first on both connections. If the problem stays the same regardless of connection then it’s Tidal.