Erroneus Roon behaviour when relocating albums (arbitrarily)

Description My Setup

Details on your Core machine (OS, Hardware specs, Roon build)

  • Audiolinux Server, running on Audiolinux V3, Intel i9 13900 processor, 32GB RAM, 1 HD Samsung SSD 512GB for OS+apps Roon/HQPlayerEmbedded + 2 HD Samsung 4TB SSD for local music
  • Roon version 2.0 build 1359
  • HQPlayer: HQPlayer Embedded 5.3.2-1

Details on your Remote(s) (OS, Hardware specs, Roon build)

  • iPad Air Pro – 128GB - running iPadOS 17.2 - Roon version 2.0.1357
  • Samsung S23 – running Android version 14 – Roon version 2.0.1357 ‑ Wifi 6
  • Laptop running Windows 11 Home - 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz 2.80 GHz Ram 16GB, Roon version 2.0.1359

Networking details (especially what hardware you’re using, how everything is connected, and anything notable about how it’s all configured)

  • Ethernet & Wifi Mesh network built on 4 * Asus Zenwifi XT8
  • Connected to Service Provider modem
  • Speedtest connection speed ethernet 220Mbps download – 18Mbps upload
  • Roon Core connected via ethernet, laptop (remote) connected via ethernet
  • Mobile Remotes connected via Wifi6 (135 Mbps download – 18 Mbps upload)

Audio devices in use

  • T+A 200 DAC connected via USB to Holo Audio Red USB connected to ethernet
  • Endpoints : 1 * Cambridge Audio CXN v2 , connected via ethernet

Library details

  • Local library on separate internal 2*4TB SSD hard disks in Roon Server
  • 36345 tracks (2507 local albums, 2 Qobuz albums)

Backup details

  • Location 1 : SSD disk in Core Machine - 200GB capacity
  • Location 2 : Synology NAS 10,8 TB capacity

Location 3 : USB disk connected to Synology NAS - 7,2 TB capacity

Problem description:

I have 2 SSD disks, Linux1 & Linux2 in my server for content storage, with folders in each:

As most of the albums I add are going in to Linux1-ModernAIFF folder, I want to relocate the HiRezDSD folder from Linux1 to Linux2.

In order not to take any risks, I started by creating a new map with the same name HiRezDSD on Linux2. So far so good.
I then started to move about 5 of Artist/Album folders from Linux1/HiRezDSD to Linux2/HiResDSD.

And now strange things are happening:
some Artists/Albums were nicely updated in Roon without any problem. Other however did moveover, lloosing 1 track, and creating an extra album with this 1 one track. This happened for at least half of th e Artist/Abums that I moved - see examples below.
It became even weirder when I decided that I was not going forward relocating albums, as I saw thses issues arise.
So I moved the albums back to the original folder on Linux1.
Artist/Albums that moved correctly from Linux1 to Linux2, now resulted in the same wrong behaviour resulting in 2 split albums (1 track for the 2nd album)

Some examples:

Aimee Mann - Lost In Space [DSD]

Relocation of the other DSD from Aimee Mann - Bachelor No.2 was always (both directions) accepted by Roon without issues.

2 other weird cases - Alison Krauss DSD’s

and especially the Alison Krauss & Union Station - Live album:
a new empty album was created by Roon

The next example Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan - In session
This album was reallocated to Linux2 without issues.
Moving it back ot Linux1 resulted in 2 splitted albums

After moving back the Artist/Albums to Linux1 (the intial situation) I was able to merge the splitted albums back back together into one…
However, for some albums, the import date was changed into today (and i had to edit all tracks of those albums to correct). For other albums the original import date did not change.

I have reallocated albums in the past (before release 1537) without issues.

Thanks for looking into this erronous behaviour

Did you try to rescan the complete folder after moving albums? And what happens if you initiate ´Rescan album´ and Re-identify Album´ in the edit menu of a particular album?

After moving, does roon show anything in the ´Settings > library > Clean up library´ menu under ´Deleted file´ or ´disabled files´?

I have encountered similar problems with single tracks appearing twofold within one album after moving that particular one from one location to another. Usually after forcing roon to do a rescan and re-identication the problem disappeared. In some cases I had to move the album to an unwatched folder, clean up the library and move them into roon´s space again.

In general when moving big chunks of a library it might be a good idea to deactivate roon or at least its continous process of monitoring the folders you are working with.

Good advice indeed. Turning off automatic scanning is a good idea when making changes like this as well. There is no permanent damage done when you don’t, but it makes things much easier.

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Hi @Dirk_De_Taey,

Your patience is appreciated :pray: and an odd issue you have indeed!

Before anything else, please make sure you have a fresh backup saved.

It seems like Roon has found itself in an odd state where its seeing two copies of the same at the same time.

As a next step in troubleshooting, could you please attempt to disable your watched folder, relocate the files to a new location, and attempt a rescan? Moving the files may help to reassociate files in Roon.