Error adding music to library: missing mfreadwrite.dll

Roon reads my music files either on a network path or a mapped drive, however it says 'Of xxxx tracks, 0 added, 0 identified. and library is empty. What’s up?

Is your network path mounted as SMB rather than AFP?

Both cases SMB. No mac in my network so no AFP. If I use Jriver I can access the files and write tags. Also Tag & Rename can work with the files. I can use either an UNC path to the folder or a mapped drive letter in Windows

Sorry to hear your having issues here. I just sent some info in response to your email, so check there and we’ll get this fixed.

Appreciate your patience @ogs!

I’ve sent data from within Roon. It apears I do not have the mfreadwrite.dll on my system. Roon starts and tells me it is missing…

It is mfreadwrite.dll. I installed a package from Microsoft related to KB968211. This fixed the problem. I do not think Roonlabs can count on all of the Windows installations in the world having the Windows media subsystem installed. As mfreadwrite.dll is part of this it was not present on my installation, hence the error.

Thanks for following up @ogs, and glad to hear this was resolved!

As discussed here, a number of Roon’s audio and video requirements are missing in Windows Server, as well as Windows N.

Let us know if anything else comes up @ogs!