Error at Tidal at evening

i get this error from Tidal while playing Roon often between 8-11 in the evening which is at 10am-1pm ET.

The error is:

Tidal media is loading slowly.
This may indicate a networking or connectivity problem. My DNS is google dns.

Internet speed is 40 mbs

Please your help,

tagging @support

Hi @rony_shema,

When this issue occurs, do all your zones experience this behavior or just some of them? Does the TIDAL app experience similar issues around the same timeframe?

– Noris

have 2 zone and both have the sama issue.the tidal apps ate both close so that i can not answer.thanks -rony

Hi @rony_shema,

Can you please take a look at the TIDAL app next time this issue occurs and verify if it works properly and also run a speed test when this behavior occurs via

Are you still making use of the same hardware you noted in your previous thread?

intel i3 cpu8100 3.60ghz and ram 8gb win10 connected via Ethernet to switch
ayre qx8 dac
linksys switch lgs 105
router is vtech dual band ac

Also, can you please note the exact local time + date in your country when this behavior next occurs? This will be useful in case we need to take a look at diagnostics later down the line.

– Noris

hi noris! i view the tidal app and the streaming audio setting was at hi instad of master and that might made the problam .meanwhle roon is playing good .iwill let know if that solve the issue. thanks rony

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Hi @rony_shema,

I don’t see how the TIDAL app settings will affect Roon but do let me know if that change helps. If this behavior does occur again please note the timestamps as I requested.

– Noris

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