"Error Checking for an Update"

is this the new behaviour in latest RoPieee versions (all my endpoints are running 2.493)?
previously check used to succeed and report latest version is installed (… or not)

thank you, Harry

This has nothing to do with RoPieee, but with RoonBridge.

The issue is known, but there is not much progress from Roon’s side.
On the upside: it has been ages ago that there was actually an update for RoonBridge.

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oh, ok: I’m seeing it happen since a few days ago only so… thought it was Ropieee, sorry

I have the same issue. @support any input here?


Hi everyone,

As Steve noted above, we are aware of this issue and are actively investigating it. At this time there is no update, so this is just an error in the message being displayed.



Seems to be fixed…

Forgot to mention, that I’m using Ropieee developer version.
Are you on stable?

Yes on stable version

But now even ROCK is giving an error !

And the life goes ON
Roon is working perfectly

RoPieee and RoPieee XL, both stable here:

is august 28 2021 trying to update roon 1.8 it downloads but when trying to installed it say error chekcing for update has this been resolved?