Error checking for update - Windows Roon Bridge #3

same error here, roon is getting more unstable from this year.


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There are no error messages there and roon bridge has not been updated so you are on the current level.
Not sure what your point is?

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The point being that the latest build of the Roon Bridge software is still 571 - no later build has been released by Roon Labs, and therefore there is nothing to update.

The Roon Bridge software package and the Roon software package are two different products.

I concur. I have just manually updated Roon Bridge Windows 10 64 bits, it now reports itself as build 571 (before it was 172), but still “error checking for update”…
Screenshot 2020-08-23 at 16.53.33

did you see “there was an error checking for an update” on Roon Bridge, its no matter the bridge on current or not.

and you said there are no error messages?

Hi @Diablo_DW,

Are you by any chance able to access the logs from the Bridge? If so, can you post a log snippet?
Also tagging @spockfish in case he has other thoughts on this error message.

i can get in ssh, but i dont know how to get the logs. @spockfish

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