Error for certain artist discography

Core Machine

Core i3-7100, 3.90GHz
Fedora 33, 16 Gb RAM
Dedicated server for Roon

Network Details

Cabled network to Linksys Mesh to cable router into internet.

Audio Devices

Primare NP5 to Primare PRE60
Also a Matrix mini-i Pro 3 cabled to another Linksys Mesh

Description of Issue

The error for me, an example: Searched an artist (Jane Aire & the belvederes, but it doesn’t matter, can happen anytime), have local albums and Qobuz, Tidal was the same. Clicked Discography, got the error.

Tried again after a couple of hours letting Roon rest. The same happens. Clicked on a Similar artist, Discography worked. Went back to J A , Clicked Discography and now it worked. For me it looks totally random.

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Hey @Stefan_Andersson,

We’d love to help with this issue. Could you please use this article as a guide to share some more information about your setup?

Thanks in advance :pray:

I noticed that if I choose another sort from the Discography page, it works. It still works when I go back to the original sort that did not work seconds ago.

It is like Discography has its own network function, apart from the rest of Roon, a worse one that gives up too soon.

The error still exists, though Roon gone through a couple of updates since.