Error in checking for update

Core Machine

Version: 1.7, 64bit stable build 571.
CPU: Intel i5 4460
RAM: 8gb, 1666MHz DDR3

Network Details

Router: Asus AC1900
Mode: Ethernet

Audio Devices

On-board audio

Library Size

513 tracks

Description of Issue

There is an error being reported in checking for update. I didn’t realize about this issue till I set up roon remote and it detected it. I did come across this issue on this forum from March. Is the fix still available? Is there anything I can do myself?

Here is an image of the about page:


I suggest you go to the roon labs website and download and install the latest version…you are so far out of date it’s now V1.8 and build 790.

Hi @Suhas_Bharadwaj

Were you able to update using our downloads page as suggested above?

Hey @Suhas_Bharadwaj,

I wanted to make sure you didn’t need any more help with this - were you able to install Roon? :nerd_face:

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