Error: Limiting Roon Radio to Library (2020-04-26)

I would agree with you if Roon Support answered me like this. But when you are simply ignored, there is only one desire: to take the money back, and tell everyone about your negative experience.
Simple politeness is often the key to solve many problems.

I know this issue was escalated up to the technical team last week, and they’ve been actively working to understand the issue.

These problems can be tricky, especially when we’re not seeing the same problem as you – it means we potentially need to investigate what’s happening in your Roon Core, on your network, in your area of the world, etc, in addition to looking at bugs in our software or issues with our cloud services.

None of this is to say it’s ok you didn’t get a response – I’m sure you’ll be hearing from Dylan or someone else on the Support team soon. One of the reasons we’re growing the support team right now is to ensure people don’t end up waiting for a response, even when an investigation is ongoing.

Apologies for the slow response @Dmitrii_Osherov – it’s been extremely busy since the launch of 1.7 and we are actively growing the support team to meet this demand. If you don’t have a clear response from the support team in the next day or two, PM me directly and I’ll make sure we get this resolved for you.

And thanks for the feedback!

Hello Mike,

Thank you very much for your response. It’s great that you took the time and opportunity to respond to me and let me know that my problem is not forgotten and that your team is working to solve it.
I regret that I may have been harsh in my remarks, and I am prepared to wait until you find a solution.

Best regards,

Hi @Dmitrii_Osherov,

Please accept my sincere apologies for the delayed response here!

I met with the team to discuss this issue earlier today. There are a couple of reports that are similar to this, but for a vast majority of customers this is not an issue, so we are trying to pinpoint the exact cause.

We’ve passed a ticket to our senior development team and we have a time scheduled for this week for them to do some further investigation. If you’re interested in helping us further understand this while the team is doing their investigation, there is another test that would help provide some further insight.

If you have a mobile device, can you try using hotspot or USB tethering and use that network? Does the same behavior occur when you’re doing this?

While hotspot is not a good long-term networking option, this is a quick way to test out a completely different network so we can understand how that play into things with this issue.

If this is a test you’re able to run please let us know the results, and we’ll also be sure to follow up as soon as we have further information from our team’s ongoing investigation.

Thanks, and apologies again for the wait!

I’m getting the same described issue with Roon Radio using Tidal. Roon Radio populates the queue only from my NAS library, I get exactly the same errors as described by @Dmitrii_Osherov

Roon Core is v1.7 (build 528) stable running on Synology 1512+ running DSM 6.2.2_24922 Update 4
Remote is Win10 v1.7 (build 528) stable (64bit) (but same behaviour seen earlier on Android Remote too)
Addendum: Roon Core and Audio Player (Bluesound Vault 2i) are hard wired to network, Remotes (1)Win10 box (primarily doing fault recreation) and (2)Android v10 both on 5Ghz wifi.

If I am coming into the the last 30sec of a Tidal track (Green Day, American Idiot first album track), I see the Roon Radio attempt to do its thing and then die with the same error message. (see logs approx 17:10 8th April local time)

Likewise if I try to start Roon Radio from a Tidal album (same album) it just says nothing to play. (see logs approx 17:14 8th April local time)

Hoping this helps @Dmitrii_Osherov and me at the same time as it seems to be platform agnostic at first glance.

Thanks y’all.

timezone AEST (GMT +10)

Post Script
This thread looks like a similar Tidal/Roon Radio issue at first glance:

Additionally, I have discovered I cannot favourite Tidal tracks either directly in the playlist, or indirectly by trying to favourite in my history list. In the history list, the heart icon momentarily fills (less than 0.2s) and then returns to unfilled (outline heart icon only). Having briefly looked at the timesync log entry for these events, nothing gets written to the logs relating to the Tidal tracks I’ve attempted to favourite.

I’m 25 years out of a 3rd line tech support role :older_man:t2:, but I smell a broader Tidal integration issue under all these symptoms.

Thank you, @Terry_Stone . I am, indeed, having what appears to be the same issue. Hardwire ethernet or through WiFi have the same effect.

I will be closely following this thread for any resolutions or outcomes.


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Hi @dylan,

Sorry for the delay in my response. I connected via hotspot on my iPhone XR, and had exactly the same result. The Internet on the iPhone was from a mobile operator.
I also went to a friend’s house and connected my MacMini via his Wifi and then via a hotspot on his phone. The same Roon behavior occurs all the time.
I can’t remember exactly when it all started, but I think it happened after some sort of Roon 1.7 or Mac OS Catalina update.


Thanks for the detailed testing here, @Dmitrii_Osherov! I’ve updated our ticket to include this information and we will be meeting with our senior development team later this afternoon to discuss this issue further. I’ll be sure to reach out once they’ve provided feedback.

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Hey @Dmitrii_Osherov,

It looks like the system automatically closed the topic but we’ve re-opened.

We received an update from the team on this yesterday — We believe we have an understanding of why this is occurring now and our team is working on a solution. I don’t have any specific timeframes for this, but we’ll be sure to keep you up to date and we hope to have the solution soon!

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Hi @dylan
I look forward to hearing good news from you.

Hey @dylan

Another week passed. Do you have any good news for me?

Hi @Dmitrii_Osherov,

Our team has continued to investigate this and we believe we understand what the issue is here. It seems to be affecting customers that are new and have little playback history and we are working on a solution. So we can have an additional data point, can you confirm how many plays you see when you go to History?


Hi @dylan

That’s what I see in my history

Thanks @Dmitrii_Osherov — I’ve updated our ticket to include this information. I’ll be sure to reach out as soon as we have more news on this!

Hi @dylan
Hi @mike

Today I installed the update version 1.7, but my problem was not resolved. I still can’t use Roon Radio, as well as all the related features (Recommended For You, etc.),

Let me tell you one thing. As you know, there are a lot of players that play music great. When I was choosing which player to buy, the deciding argument to buy Roon was the Roon Radio function. I’m a journalist who writes about music. I wanted to listen not only to my favorite albums, but also to NEW music that I don’t know. NEW artists I haven’t heard of. Found according to my preferences. This is the “unique opportunity” that Roon Valence promised me. I paid $119, but for 3 months already I feel like I was just cheated. I’ll say more: I have been writing to you about my problem for a month now, and during that time NO one has ever even tried to offer me any compensation, at least as renewing my membership, let alone a refund.

But I always hear: “tomorrow”, “soon”, “we are close”, and so on.

With all due respect, I want to get the very product I bought, with all the stated features. Because I paid exactly what you asked for it.

I don’t want to be a Guinea pig for your development team. Not for $119 a year, that’s for sure.

Didn’t think I’d say this, but I want a CORRECTLY working ROON, or I want my money back.

Coincidentally, the editor of one of the online Hi-Fi magazines I work with recently asked me what my impressions of ROON were, and if I could write an article for Russian readers describing my ROON experience. I suppose I can. The only question I think of is: should I be honest and write the truth? What do you think?

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I have my very own topic about this but having read Dmirii thread and several other here on support, it seems you have a big issue with some features not working for many of your customers(roon radio, recomendations, more by this artist, etc).

I think i am a patient kind of guy and to be honest, i know your job here is hard because you dont control all the hardware people are using. But…the number of cases opened and the standard configurations used(mac minis, pc´s with windows 10 connected to roon ready devices)deserve a solution, or at least, a real commitment from Roon support side.

I like Roon, i want to continue using it. Ease my decision, please. Let us know your plans about fixing this issues.


Hi @dylan,

I think my problem is solved. I found a Russian representative of Roon named @dahuk on and he gave me valuable advice. I hope this will help you in your future work, as well as all those who have the same problem.

You just need to enable the shuffle play function for your local files, and leave Roon to play in this mode for a day. Obviously, AI generates suggestions for Roon Radio based on the history of the PLAYED files (not just local files in the library). When there were about 450 entries in the History, I restarted Roon, and the Roon Radio function immediately started working. As well as all related functions (Recommended for You, etc).

It was surprising that a Russian representative suggested this solution right away, even though your development team didn’t do it in a month. But all’s well that ends well. Thank you for your attention to my question.

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