Error loading Convolution Filter [Resolved]

My Convoution Filters made with Accurate(AudioVero)


Just one single wav file loading is ok.
But zip file loading error(Unexpected Error) on my MBP.
(Yosemite, Roon Version 1.3 (build223) stable (64bit)
(Zip Compress with Mac OS Finder)

This is just a guess, but if you’ve verified the Zip file as being okay, Roon might be choking on the extra “._” files that get created when you make a Zip archive from the MacOS Finder. Some Mac utilities (e.g., BetterZip) will let you get rid of those files, which are superfluous in many (but not all) cases — they’re superfluous in the case at hand.

Edit: I thought this screen grab of a BetterZip window would help show what I’m talking about.

Maybe, Error or bug of Mac version.
Same zip file is ok in my friend’s Roon Windows version.

Hi @Changlim_Choe, sorry for the trouble here. I’ve moved your issue to the support subforum so our team can take a look at this.

Can you please upload the .zip file to Dropbox (or something similar) and give us the link so we can try to reproduce the issue? After you’ve provided us with the zip file for this filter, @support will be able to follow up with further information/instructions.

Here’s error file.
It occurs Unexpected Error in Mac.
But, Okay in Windows.

Hi @Changlim_Choe ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your observations with us!

Confirming that the content has been received and is currently in my queue for testing. In the interest of making sure that I a testing this media under the same circumstances, may I ask you to please provide me with the following information:

  1. Can you briefly outline the steps, procedurally speaking, that you take when you work with these files.

  2. Can you provide a description of your current setup as seen here.


Hi @Eric ,
I have the same problem as @Changlim_Choe.

Here is my
REW Measurement was made using UMIK, on my Macbook Pro.
I zipped my filters on my Mac - I received error message. So I installed REW on Windows PC, created filters and zipped them on my Windows machine, with the same result: Unexpected error.

I followed this guide:

My setup:

Roon Core: Intel NUC6i5,16GB RAM. OS: Xubuntu - latest version.

Roon Bridge: Odroid C2, RaspberryPi 3. OS: DietPi

Roon Remote:

  1. MacbookPro (2014), latest OS
  2. Intel NUC6i5, latest Windows 10 update, 64bit.
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Thanks for the feedback @Sebastian_Ptak! confirming that I have received the filters and have added the media to my testing queue. We’ll let you know what we come up with.


Hi @Changlim_Choe and @Sebastian_Ptak ----- Thank you both very much for your patience here.

Myself and another team member both had the opportunity to test with this content (core on NUC / Remote on OSX) and did not receive the same error message that is being reported :head_bandage:

Can you provide some further insight (procedurally speaking) as to how this is error is being triggered? I want to be certain that nothing was missed during our testing and if this is indeed 100% reproducible we’d like to address it. Remember, no detail it too small.


It has to be OS/Software related?

  1. all the filters were prepared on my MacBook (latest OS).
  2. my RoonCore is installed on NUC6i5 - Xubuntu. Maybe this is were we have a problem?

What I do (step by step):

  1. after I export filters from REW, put them all in one folder then zip the folder.
    a) tried to zip them on my Windows machine (7zip) and on my Mac.
    b) tried to zip the folder with all the filters inside
    c) tried to zip all the filters alone (no folder, just zipped filters)
    Which step (b or c) is proper one?

  2. Next step: under DSP engine section, Convolution, I browse to the I tried this step on my Mac and Windows machine as well.

  3. Tried this with 3 different endpoints (RaspberryPi and Odroid C2 running DietPi, NUC endpoint, Windows-based).

It’s really frustrating.

In my case, Server is the problem.

Server: Windows, Remote: Windows, Ok.
Server: Windows, Remote: Mac, Ok.
Server: Mac, Remote: Mac, Error.
Server: Mac, Remote: Windows, Error.

@Sebastian_Ptak and @Changlim_Choe ----- Thank you both for touching base and providing the requested insight.

I am going to adjust my test conditions and see if we can make this reproducible in house. Your patience is very appreciated!


@Eric Eric any news about our problem? Are we the only ones having this problem?`

Hi @Sebastian_Ptak ---- Our QA team has been trying to reproduce this behavior using the same setups that you and @Changlim_Choe are currently working with and have been unable to do so.

However, in the interest of having a better understanding of what could be causing us to receive a different result in our testing, we have scheduled a meeting with one of our developers next week to get some feedback and will be updating this thread accordingly.

Many thanks!

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to hearing from you after the meeting.

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I have got exactly the same error.
Single wav file work fine but no matter I zipped how many wav file, even only zip the one success wav file to a zip file, roon server prompt “Error loading Convolution Filter – Unexpected Error”. Same error pop out when I use cfg file and which required to zipped it for roon. However my friend who install the roon server in mac mini work fine with the same zip file.

My Mac hardware:
iMac (Rertina 5k, 27-inch, Late 2015)
4GHz Intel Core i7
24GB 1867 MHz DDR3
AMD Radeon R9 M395 2048MB

Hi @nick_Tsang ---- Thank you for chiming in and sharing your feedback with us. Very appreciated!

Moving forward, I would like to gather some logs from you and will be contacting you via PM momentarily with instructions.


Hi @Sebastian_Ptak — Touching base to see if you received my Pm, thanks!


Hi Eric,

Thanks for the follow up, I’ve just upload the log following your instruction.

Hope your success to troubleshoot the problem.


Hi @nick_Tsang ---- Thank you for touching base with me and providing the requested logs. Very appreciated!

By chance did you happen to take note of the time when the issue was reproduced?

Very Important — Please reproduce the issue and note the time that it occurs.”