Error Loading Page

Getting error loading page message check connection - no problem with connection as tidal works, email and browsers work. Can’t seem access tidal or my overview page. Not sure what to do next - playing music through tidal on its own in meantime.

going to add that it seems like Tidal connection is the issue - the tidal page just spins with roon logo and says check connection. If I look at Paul Simon for example it shows albums in my library but not the full tidal list of Paul Simon albums.

Same here (Texas). Tried Logging in/out, restart of my Mac.

Same here and now won’t identify music added to my library… earlier this evening I was just having a white screen with the spinning Roon logo for up to a few minutes before it would go to the album I’d chosen to play.

so maybe just a roon / tidal server issue tonight as had never experienced this before.

Mine is doing the same thing in Colorado. Tried all the same things and then looked on the forum. Guess it is just a Tidal issue right now.

Same here in NZ - see screenshot - has DB blown up the internet?

It’s not just Tidal because I added some local albums that I just bought from PonoMusic and the Roon servers are not able to identify anything new that I added to my library.

maybe it is Bowie - I was playing the Tidal DB playlist when mine went down. Haven’t been able to access since.

Should be back now, guys. Sorry for the trouble.

thanks Brian - was kind of interesting going back to just tidal - was really missing all that Roon provides to how I pick and play music.