Error Message - Metadata improver halted. Says Roon needs an update but it doesn't

sonictransporter running Roon version 1.7 - Build 571

I noticed an error message today. The Metadata Improver is halted because I need a software update. See screen shot.

However, if I look at the Settings under “About” it says everything is up to date.

How do I fix this?

Sorry to see you are having the problem. Lots of others have run into too.
This seems to be a working solution:


Hi @Stephen_Graham,

We are looking into this issue, but as @grossmsj mentioned, a reboot typically sorts this out.
Can you please try to reboot your Roon Server and let us know if it helps?

I did that and it does seem to have fixed the problem. Thank you.

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Happy to hear that the reboot helped clear this up @Stephen_Graham!
Do let us know if you run into any other difficulties!

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