Error message: Metadata improver paused

Dear all
Haveing this issue since days.
What can I do.
Latest ROON version is installed.
Regards Lukas

@Lukas_Metzler, have you rebooted your Roon Server computer and restart Roon Server on it?

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Hi @Lukas_Metzler

As per @Robert_F , but in case a reboot doesn’t resolve this; try turning off background analysis in the library settings. Then reboot. Then turn background analysis back on.

A reboot hasn’t always worked on its own.

Hope this helps

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Dear all
I could solve it after several reboots.
No idea what it was.
Thanks a lot.

Same here. rebooted ROCK PC several times and also rebooted router but still had error message and spinning circle.
Eventually did the Library thing, powered down the Router, pulled all the LAN cables and reinstated and finally rebooted the ROCK PC.
Somewhere along the line of my blind blundering it worked

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