Error message using Roon on Audio Server

Roon Core Machine

  • MSI MORTAR B550 motherboard
  • CPU RYZEN 7 5700 G
  • Windows Server 2022

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue


I have just installed Windows Server 2022 Data Center, during the installation of Roon for Windows, I have an error message, impossible to use.

Thank you for your answer.


Read this and/or use the search function to find more posts/threads:

Did you realize that Roon is only available while its Control GUI is open on the server when you use the all-in-one as just that? Maybe you meant to install Roon Server for Windows instead or, depending on how you want to use your Roon Core, additionally?


Hey @Jean-Luc_Descout,

Thanks for reaching out on community to find out more about getting past this error. @BlackJack’s suggestion is on point (thanks again!).

Did it help you? Is there anything we could do at this time (we’re truly sorry about only replying today)?