Error message when launching HQplayer Via Roon


when launching Hqplayer after Roon I get an error message see screenshot 2

the first screenshot is the current setting

on the second screen

attached the message :

Your Last stored volume setting is lower than default volume and volume control is disable beacause direct SDMis enabled :flushed: :flushed:

Pleasecheck your settings and volume before starting playback

Screen 3 DSD Settings

Thank you for your answer

Jluc :grinning:

Change maximum volume to -2 dBFS, or disable DirectSDM. DirectSDM sets fixed volume to tiny bit higher than -3 dBFS.


I am attaching the new settings for DSD 256, I no longer have the error message

in the screenshot 1

I wanted to know where I indicated with a red arrow if it is Ok for you ?

in screen 2

where the red arrows are indicated, should they be left unchecked?

in the screen 3

this is the path of the Roon/HQplayer signal

it seems to be good for DSD ?
Last question

I tried the ASDM7EC. In dsd 256 it cuts every 3 seconds instead of the ASDM7 in 256

how to do it ?

Thank you for your feedback

The EC modulators are computationally demanding and require a powerful processor to handle DSD 256 rates. What sort of processor are you using for HQ Player ?

You could try ASDM5EC or dropping down to DSD 128.

It is a core I5 10500T processor with a TDP of 35 Watt for its low consumption side
This rather explains that.

Since poly-sinc-ext2 + ASDM7EC to DSD256 works on my i5-7600T (under Linux), I think it should also work on i5-10500T even better. Unless overhead of Windows plus other stuff is enough to make it not work. Even in such case it could be that ASDM5EC would work.