Error message while loading ROON

Why do I get this Error message? I use Macosx Big Sur so I don’t know why the message says something about Win32…

ROON Error msg

Did you install a custom theme by any chance?

No, I only install a AntiVirus software. Maybe that’s why?

I still get this message after a restart of my iMac…

I would reinstall roon…backup the database first but a reinstall should leave your database intact. you just need to quit roon, then download a new install from and open and drag to applications

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Hello @KnockKnock,

I’m sorry you’ve ran into this issue and that it’s been taking us this long to reply :pleading_face:

Our community members have made some valuable suggestions (thanks @wizardofoz and @Nepherte :pray: ). I was wondering, did it help? We’d love to lend a hand and get this sorted out :nerd_face: