Error Msdmo.dll is missing


I installed Windows Server 2012 R2 and Roon Core two days ago and they are running fine.
However, if I try to run Radios, Roon Core crash and shows the message
msdmo.dll is missing. I am very excited with Roon but my idea is get a Roon Core running alone without any monitor or something like that. If the system crashes missing libraries will be not a option to me.

Please assist

BR, Issac

Hello @Issac_Nolis_Ohasi,

Just to make sure I’m understanding the problem correctly, your Roon Core plays to your devices without problem when playing through a queue of songs, but when Roon Radio starts after the end of the queue, the Core crashes?


Hello John.
I observed that the error occurs only when I play some radios. Example,aac (Miami DIspierta) - the system crashes…

If I try the Kiss FM Sao Paulo,aac
works fine.

When the system crashes, windows server (which have the Roon Core) shows the message.

Error - Cannot continue. Missing MSDMO.DLL library.

Hello @Issac_Nolis_Ohasi,

Please report back here with the local time and station you were playing the next time this happens. Once I have that information, I will be able to enable diagnostics on your account. The next time the application is active on your core devices a diagnostics report containing a set of your Roon logs will automatically be generated/uploaded directly to our servers.


Hello John.

First of all, thank you so much for your valuable support!
I just tried once again and generate an error.
I tried with the WMSE Miami Radio (kicak time 20:55:19 BRLZ Time zone).

Hello @Issac,

The logs were received, I will have our Q&A team take a look at them.


OK.Thank you John for your invaluable support!

Just updating.
I am reinstalled RoonServer but now using an ArchLinux on Macmini (yes it is possible!!!)

No problems regarding any station!

As I read in another post… Best solutions to roon the sever is Windows 10 and Linux. That`s it… I used Win2K12 just to use Audiophile Optimizer and Professor Lasso reduzing the number of resources / threads / processes into the OS.

The point is:

  • Professor Lasso was unstable in my system. When I turn on the PL Application, my pings was unstable.
  • Windows 2K was not able to run Roon fine. Libraries are missing
  • I spent 600 MB of RAM and 35 processes

Now using arch linux

309 MB of RAM.

No restarts, not necessary to perform the autologon to get the RoonServer running
You can move your database folder whatever you want.


If the Msdmo.dll is missing then you have to know the reason and also find the best solution.

Msdmo.dll is missing because is not delivered on Windows server versions. that is the reason.