Error Msg Received

Totally green noob here. Just downloaded Roon, identified my folder, let Roon analyze all files.

Windows 7 box, exeeds minimum spec required, USB connection to reclocker, USB from reclocker to McIntosh D100 DAC.

Now when I go to play a track I get the following message and no music is played:

Transport: Device in use

Obviously I did something wrong in the Audio setup?

Maybe something else, some other program is using the device in exclusive mode?

Possibly. I may have done something wrong in the setup then.

What other music players do you use on that pc? Make sure none are open.

Found the issue. I managed to set up two main devices. Fixed that and now Roon is playing through my DAC with no problem.

Now I just need to find out how to see the album images while a track is playing.

Thanks for all the help!