Error on the Database Location Page

Hey Guys, there’s an error on your Database Location page. Under the heading OS X Core, it states to ‘Hold down the Alt key…’

There is no Alt key on a Mac. It should read ‘Hold down the Option key’.

Hey @S_J_A,

I updated the KB page so it uses Option instead of Alt.

Thanks for letting us know!

Boy, that didn’t take long!

Thanks Dylan.

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Anyone reading this thread, I changed the KB article regarding Database Location.

I re-added the Alt key. It now says “Hold down the Option key (Alt key on non Mac keyboard) to unhide the Library folder”

If you are using a Mac keyboard, use the Option key. If you have a non Mac keyboard, you can use the Alt key.

Cheers, Greg

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Continuing the discussion from Error on the Database Location Page:

Now I just had a look onto the keyboard of my MacBook Pro and noted it has a key labeled alt but none labeled option. What do I do? :grin:

I believe Apple played around with the Option function key labels – this support page shows the “alt” style – and created a little mess this way: the function of the key is Option but the label on the keyboard might be “alt” on not so recent Mac models.

Therefore Apple themselves use this notation:
“Option (or Alt) ⌥”

Thanks for the info. I changed the wording in the KB to reflect this info.

Cheers, Greg


My MacBook Air has a key labeled ‘Option’ with the subheading above it on the same key labeled ‘alt’. :thinking:

Hi Steve,

If you click Go at the top of the screen, which button makes the Library Folder show on your MB Air?

Cheers, Greg

May also depend on the keyboard language layout. Who knows what Apple intended …

Sorry Greg,

The only headings I see on my Roon Core page are:

Roon Edit View Window Help, but no Go heading.

Hi Steve,

Sorry for the miscommunication, I meant on your Mac, open a finder window and you should see Go at the top of the screen.

If you click Go, you should see something like the following:

If you click and hold the Option or Alt key, while “Go” is open, the Library Folder should appear.

I would like to know which key you press to have Library show.

Cheers, Greg

Oh OK Greg. On my MacBook Air, the Option and the Alt commands are on the same key. The word Option is featured and the alt is smaller and at the top of the key but I don’t have a separate Option and Alt key.

I can try to post a pic if you need one.

Also, I get the Library to show whether I press Option or shift>Alt.

Thanks for the info Steve.

Cheers, Greg