Error on using 7" display

Hi i cant get the display to work. I keep getting these error messages. Any clue on what to do?

*sorry for the bad image quality

Iā€™d suggest checking the points mentioned in the error msg as a starting point:

  • did you type the zone exactly in the Display tab of the RoPieee web GUI? (In your case, use
  • is the display extension enabled in Roon Settings / Extensions?
  • if you are using a USB Dac, is it turned on and connected?

It woorks in in Roon, but it shows nothing in the display. Zone name is the name i gave Ropieee in Roon, right?

Yes. Perhaps post screenshots of both the Roon settings (Audio and Extensions) and the RoPieee display tab?

These are some settings i took a capture of.

Display sett


Eureka. After a couple of reeboots an tinkering i got it to work. thx for the help.

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