Error retrieving account information, tidal and internet radio not available

NUc7i7, OS 1.0 build 174, Serial #94C691A1D4CC

using roon core and endpoints all connected through ethernet cables (CAT6),
ZTE H369A router (from provider)
following IP addresses are fixed:
Airport Express on
Time machine 1T on
Time machine 3T on
GS108Ev3 - 8-Port Gigabit ProSAFE Plus Switch on
GS108Ev3 - 8-Port Gigabit ProSAFE Plus Switch on
GS108Ev3 - 8-Port Gigabit ProSAFE Plus Switch on
NUC7i7 roon core on physically connected to switch

DHCP 20-252 on ZTE router

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Quad vena amplifier using USB connected directly to roon core
HifiBerry DAC+ on IP (dynamic) physically connected to

Description Of Issue
I get “error retrieving Account information” and do not get connected to Tidal and the internet radio stations do not work

Tidal works normally from web interface and on Apps on other devices (iPad, iPhone)

I assume that the Netgear switches and the Airport Express are plugged into the H369A. And that internal Roon communication is fine between the Core and the DAC+.

When the Internet Radio stations do not work, did they work before and have stopped, are they new stations you are setting up and they do not work, is there an error message associated?

Things to try:

You might try setting your DNS to use or

Also, you might try putting a non-managed switch in place of the .12 switch to see if the settings on the .12 switch are possibly the issue.

Things to try for Tidal:

Try logging out of Tidal in Roon, rebooting ROCK, and then logging back into Tidal. Also, there is a process for clearing the Tidal cache in Roon. See this post:

Hi @Ben_Lich,

Based on your network setup, there are quite a few places in the network chain where things can go wrong. As mentioned in our Networking Guide, managed switches can require some advanced configuration, and we also tend to recommend against Apple networking gear as we’ve seen some issues stem from them in the past.

I think the best place to start here is to simplify things as much as possible, even if just temporarily. If you connect the Core machine directly to the primary router via Ethernet, how do things work? Do you have any issues in this configuration? If things work, we can start adding in more pieces to the networking chain until we can determine where things are breaking here.


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