Error 'Transport: driver in use' [Resolved]

I have this error. Please get in touch with me for some instructions. I have a MacMini, external diskd drive and Devialet 1000 PRO (updated).

Moved to the support thread and adding @support so they get notified.

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Hi @Jenny_Dekker ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback us. The insight is greatly appreciated.

Moving forward, I would like to clarify something with you. The error message you are receiving is it “Transport: driver in use” or “Transport: device in use”? The reason I ask is because have seen reports of the latter error message which we are actively discussing/investigation here.

Furthermore, can you verify for me how the 1000Pro is communicating with your setup?


Hi Eric,

Thank you for your reply. Problem has been solved by resetting the Devialet, taking them off power.

My Devialet 1000 PRO has just come back from the upgrade. It was not easy to make them functioning again. I had some long calls with the Devialet customer service. It was also difficult to start Roon again. Strange thing is that I have to use the ’ MyDevialet-Eth’ instead of ‘Roon via Devialet Air’. I am not sure but I have the idea that the former ‘output’ sounded better. Do you have any idea why they changed it? Roon is not working with ‘Roon via Devialet Air’, although I can see that choice on the screen. Further information: I work with a MacMini and external hard disk.

Thank you for your help.


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