ERROR upgrade your TIDAL account

After i had to replace my modem/router of lightning, i got that message. I can log on Roon, but get no Tidal access. I can login on my TIDAL account, no problems here. Have try it multiple times also reboot, no help.
How i know, that i have the correct login data as maybe that could be failure refer to previous posts. In my mind i didnt change anything. Thanks Robert

Try another reboot, tedious I know but worth a shot

Thanks Ged, no sucess, but you have given the motivation to gover all again ! As i have more then one Tidal logins, and i dont know which ones is the correct once in combination with ROON. I havent change anything before. I tried to login to all Tidal accounts and made all new passwords -the same as i have with ROON account. Then it works. Strange, as i still have different user names on TIDAL and ROON and havent change anything(as far as i know). Anyway, it works, ican now enjoy the music… :grinning: :grinning:

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If it would help to change your Tidal account name I found Tidal customer service to be very helpful, they changed mine but retained all my favourites etc.
(I bought a fiio device that didn’t have enough characters in the Tidal account setting for my email address)

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Thanks, interesting info.

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