Error when checking for updates

this problem is happening again

Hi @Shawn_Kernes,

Can you provide some setup details? Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? What devices are showing an error?

I have attached a screenshot of the “about roon” screen which i think also provides baseline setup detals. What else do you need?

I would note that based on activity in the various roon related facebook forumns, it appears everyone (or at least most people) are facing this issue

Hello @Shawn_Kernes, thanks for your report! We have a ticket in with our team about this. There is no update actually available for RoonBridge, but it is reporting an update error. We are still investigating so I can’t provide any timelines just yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Any update?

Hello @Shawn_Kernes, the issue is still being worked on we hope to release a solution soon! Thanks for checking in.

Hello, I am experiencing the same behavior:

Thanks for investigating. It does seem Tidal is not working either since this happened.

Same Problem here!
Also Version 1.7 (Build 555)
Thanks for checking this!