Error when trying to remove albums from library: "These tracks could not be deleted" (ref#90TG6K)

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When I try to remove albums from my library I receive an error stating "These tracks could not be deleted because they were either not found, or because you don't have permission to delete files from the hard drive". This is a brand new issue for me as of today. After rebooting my core server I see that the albums in question have disappeared, but if I try to delete any more albums the issue reoccurs. So far only tested deleting Tidal albums

Describe your network setup

Simple wired setup with Windows PC directly connected to Asus router. No changes made here and no connectivity issues occurring

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Hi @Matthew_Jobling,

Thanks for your patience so far. I’ve reopened your merged thread as I believe there are additional issues specifically tied to your local setup that I’d like to explore further.

Based on a recent diagnostic report from your Roon Server, we’re seeing a few errors, potentially related to a VPN or Vethernet subnet within your local network. Are you running either currently?

It seems a break in network connection is causing Tidal to become disconnected from your Roon login/integration, and potentially resulting in additional sync errors.

It could also be related to the firewall settings on your windows 11 device. Can you please try:

  1. Access your Windows Firewall and select “Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security”
  2. Select “Inbound Rules” in the left panel
  3. Find “raatserver.exe” and “roon.exe” entries. If any of them have a red stop/cancel symbol next to them, double click those entries, then at the bottom change from “Block the connection” to “Allow the connection” and click OK. It should change to a green check symbol.

Outside of this, I would suggest disabling any additional network gear you have active, and setup Roon Server with a direct connection to your Router. A simple, straightforward setup without any other active subnets would help while we continue to troubleshoot. Thank you! :pray:

Hi @benjamin,

Thanks for your reply and for your patience. You have resolved my issue for which I am most grateful

Based on your message I did two things:

  • I uninstalled a VPN client that I rarely use and have not used for weeks - since well before this issue arose
  • I enabled two instances of Roon-related applications that were blocked inbound on Windows firewall in the Public profile

I’m surprised, seeing as a) the Roon server is never moved out of the Private network profile (so the Public profile firewall rule shouldn’t have been relevant by my understanding) and b) I so rarely use the VPN client

Many thanks for your help

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I’m glad to hear it @Matthew_Jobling, happy listening! :notes:

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