Errors during install on CentOS 6.2

Install went fine up to the point when the service was started:

Starting service roonserver…
/etc/init.d/roonserver: line 96: log_daemon_msg: command not found
Daemon died immediately after starting. Please check your logs and configurations.
/etc/init.d/roonserver: line 98: log_end_msg: command not found

It seems the system functions: log_end_msg and log_daemon_msg are not present:

[root@vmserver2 lsb]# cat init-functions

LSB initscript functions, as defined in the LSB Spec 1.1.0

Lawrence Lim - Tue, 26 June 2007
Updated to the latest LSB 3.1 spec

start_daemon () {
/etc/redhat-lsb/lsb_start_daemon “$@”

killproc () {
/etc/redhat-lsb/lsb_killproc “$@”

pidofproc () {
/etc/redhat-lsb/lsb_pidofproc “$@”

log_success_msg () {
/etc/redhat-lsb/lsb_log_message success “$@”

log_failure_msg () {
/etc/redhat-lsb/lsb_log_message failure “$@”

log_warning_msg () {
/etc/redhat-lsb/lsb_log_message warning “$@”

Any help will be appreciated. This is my first try with Roon so maybe I missed something obvious.

Hi @support maybe you guys can give me a hand.


our objective is to support releases of Linux distributions going back to roughly early 2014

CentOS 6.2 was released in 2011 and is not something we have in-house to troubleshoot with.

Since this problem seems to relate to the init scripts, you may have better luck avoiding the easy installer and managing init/startup yourself. You may also be able to tweak the init script to work around this problem by removing some of the lines relating to logging–logging isn’t actually critical to operation.

That said, even if you resolve the init stuff, it’s fairly likely that you’ll run into something else with library versions/dependencies on a distribution that old. This might be an uphill battle.

Thanks for the response.

So finally gave it a try in my NAS. I didn’t want to do it due to the comments about the HW needed. My QNAP is not a powerful one and is handling a lot including Plex (no-transcoding) and other apps. I do have a small music library with 2k tracks anyway … so far is performing pretty well and I’m very impressed. The differences are very subtle but makes a lot of a difference comparing with Plex … and well with Sonos … nothing to compare there … Roon is amazingly better.

I do have few small issues / questions so I’ll be creating more topics.

Thanks for checking the issue.

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