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I am in the process of ripping my entire CD collection of “progressive rock music” to disc, and adding them to my Roon library. Some if it is mainstream, some of it more obscure. However, I find countless errors that I would be happy to correct for Roon. @support

Is this possible? Happy to provide specificis

Hey @Charles_Snider,

Typically if you can find information for an album on AllMusic or MusicBrainz we will have that information. If there is something that is incorrect you can always submit corrections at both of those sites. Please note that this is not an instantaneous change that will reflect in Roon right away — It will take some time for this metadata to get to your library once it’s been corrected by our providers.

If you’re unsure of where the error is stemming from, definitely let us know the specifics (screenshots help) and we can take a look.


Here’s two of the last few discs I ripped:

I’m note sure why Roon picked Ricordi for the Label - it should be Virgin, and especially because it came from a CD (Musicbrainz lists a dozen labels (, but even more so, don’t seem to be able to add my own Label. There’s no checkbox, so under Credits the field is blank.

Again, not sure why Roon would pick the MFSL version of this “regular” Island CD.

Also, is there a way to list credits by Artist Name rather than by Instrument?

Hi @Charles_Snider,

Apologies for the delay here! I had a chat with the team about what you’ve reported and I wanted to reach out to you about this.

When adding a label you can type in the Label you’d like to add and hit enter. Doing so should add the label and it can be seen in the credits. See screenshots below:



Regarding the releases that are chosen by Roon — Roon tries to match the albums to the best metadata that we have available and sometimes if we don’t have metadata for the specific release we will try and pick another one with better metadata. This is an area that we are always working on improving.

If you have any other questions please let us know! We genuinely appreciate your feedback here.

  1. Did not recognize 2nd disc of Allmans album.
  2. Did not find artwork for Eno album
  3. Did not identify Cream album correct (not “Rarities” edition)

Please try to match with the “correct” metadata, not the “best” metadata. Also, if there was some way of providing “feedback” easier, like “report wrong item” that would be fantastic.

Hi @Charles_Snider,

Can you share a screenshot of this album in your storage location? We have some information about best practices for taking and folder structure for multi-disc albums in our KB.

Can you share a screenshot of the album page? Is this album identified?

In an upcoming update to our metadata service you will see this issue resolved.

The second disc of the Allman’s album had a different year, that was the issue.

The Eno album is not identified. If I attempt to identify it through Roon, three of the tracks do not match.

Please note that I am in the process of ripping 4000 cds. There are so many errors, all indicative of the ones above, I can’t possibly list them all, but here’s a great example:

I have the shittiest old 1988 CD of Bob Dylan’s Greatest hits. Why would Roon tag this cover?

I love Roon’s architecture, but whatever algorithm you have for tagging albums, it appears to be fundamentally flawed. Again, don’t try for “best”, try for “correct”. You can do better, Roon.

Disreali Gears Deluxe isn’t recognized either

I would have thought that pretty mainstream


Hi @Charles_Snider,

The Bob Dylan cover is also going to be fixed in an upcoming change to our metadata service. As for the Eno album, it should be okay to go ahead and identify even if the track times aren’t exact. Our metadata provider might have different times, but the rest of the data should be good.


Here’s a bunch of things that are wrong. Most are obvious, but some things - like no image for Steve Hillage?

  1. No image for Electric Banana, but a big writeup.
  2. Wrong David Cross identified.
  3. No image for HIllage
  4. No images, lots of E bands.
  5. Wrong image for Chris Cutler. Looks like Pere Ubu.
  6. No images, lots of D bands.
  7. Wrong Fields. Should be Rare Bird offshoot.
  8. No images, lots of G bands.
  9. Wrong image for djfake, don’t know how to get rid of it.

That’s the placeholder for Dance / Electronica. It’s an indication that there’s no album picture. I didn’t even know Roon would also use genre pictures for albums - interesting. At least it looks nicer than those parquet style placeholders for artists. :wink:

No image for Traffic? And an absolute crap overview?

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