Errors when exporting playlists with files containing "non-american" characters in file names

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Roon Core is installed on a Windows 10/x64

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Description Of Issue
Hello to the @support team,

When exporting songs with foreign characters in the file name, like swedish characters or german “Umlaute” like ä ö ü roon does not export the file. The file names are in the m3u file, but no export of the song file. The result is an invalid list.

Kind regards

Hello @Volker_OB, and thanks for the report! I’d like to show this to our team so they can take a look. Could you please upload a copy of that file here so I can give them an example? Thanks!

Hello Nuwriy,
I’m sorry, but it isn’t possible to reproduce the error. The only explanation I can give is the fact, that I’ve made a big Windows Update in the mornig.(Ver 10.0.19041.450 now)
This is my only Windows PC. On a Mac, the whole export function doesn’t work. (Already reported by another user.)

Hello @Volker_OB, thanks for trying, though! I did have another user report similar behavior yesterday and I was able to get a report over to our QA team for consideration. I’ll link both your and their reports together so we have them. Thanks!

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