Esbjörn Svensson: only solo album recording found by his wife

Released 14 years after his death


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I was lucky enough to see e.s.t. in concert shortly before the tragic accident. I loved that concert, but when I listen to the albums at home I can’t distinguish one tune from another.

Do you know how the recently discovered recording is ?

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I have it, 96/24 on Qobuz, 44/16 on Tidal.

Only listened to it twice, and distracted.

I like it a lot. Writers (there are several reviews) talk about how unusual this is, he has only done trio a”bums before. But I disagree. Many of the trio albums are quiet and contemplative and focused on the piano, not too unlike the solo work (of course, many are quite rowdy and electronic, notably the last two). The man was manifold.

I like the album a lot. Don’t expect something like Leucocyte.
It would be facile to compare him to Jarrett — facile and wrong.
But I enjoy it as much, and in the same way.

I don’t think he grunts (grunted, rather) like Jarrett. Don’t much care for the solo stuff by Jarrett, like the trio albums. Leucocyte I never got on with.