ESET Antivirus mistaking RoPieeXL for a malicious PC (ARP cache poisoning attack)

I have installed RopieeXL on a Raspberry PI4 with an HifiBerry DAC. It works brilliantly (thanks, amazing work - I have made a donation as a small thank you gesture!) but the ESET antivirus on my Windows 10 PC mistakes the Raspberry for a malicious PC! It said there was an “ARP cache poisoning attack”.

What does it mean, exactly? Has this happened to other people / with other antivirus or firewalls?

I was using the PC to configure RopieeXL; now that that’s done, I will be controlling Ropiee more from my mobile than from my PC, probably.

I did not see any of that with Bitdefender on my Windows 10 laptop.

Do you know what it means? I understand it’s some kind of man-in-the-middle attack but I am no network expert

Not a clue.