Esoteric K-01X BH Roon Ready?

I know that the Esoteric network players are ‘Roon Ready’.
I just wondered if this applied to the K-01X SACD player?

N-01 and N-05 are Roon Ready.

K series SACD players do not have a network port, and therefore by definition cannot run RAAT for network and cannot be Roon Ready. I think with a Lumin U1 MINI it’ll work up to DSD128 over USB or DSD64 over AES / coaxial. You may also connect your Lumin A1 to it via a BNC to RCA coaxial cable so it’ll be controllable via network for playback up to DSD64 and PCM 192kHz.

You may also try plugging it into your Nucleus via USB.

If you can find it used at a good price it’ll be a very fine SACD player. If you play MQA music on K-01X, try its SDLY2 filter.

Note that every Esoteric model of different era has different compatibility with Lumin products. Please feel free to ask me.


Cheers for this Peter. This is really helpful :grinning:
I’ve actually managed to pick-up one of the last K-01X BH models, to replace my ageing Denon DCD-A100.
I still have a large SACD collection. And this WILL be my LAST CD/SACD player.

New or used? You know it’s replaced by K-01Xs right?

It’s new. It’s one of the last ones that didn’t get sold. I think there were only 30 made?
I think I got a good deal because of the release of the K-01Xs.
I’ve always wanted one (just like I always wanted a Lumin A1), and ‘life’s too short’, right? :wink:
The next item on my ‘hit list’ is a Lumin X1. Beautiful!

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Now there is K-01XD.

Looks like there’s ‘plenty of life in the old dog yet’? SACD, that is! It’s good to see Esoteric still supporting it.

I have several thousand SACD’s, that I wouldn’t part with for the world. You just can’t get many new titles now. Although the situation is very different in Japan. This vid of an Italian guy in Japan was interesting. The record shops stock plenty of SACD’s there: